5 Things To Do in Gisborne this Weekend!

Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of CBD Melbourne for a few hours? If you answered yes, then Gisborne might be your next destination! 

It’s just 45 minutes away, but you will indeed feel like you’ve travelled far. Gisborne is filled with homesteads, heritage buildings, parklands, and a lot of outdoor destinations to check out. 


Enjoy a Golf Day

One of the reasons why you would move here if you’re buying land in Gisborne is you love to golf. It has an 18-hole golf course and is 60 kilometres. You can enjoy a day or two here during the weekend, and it’s also considered as one of the most affordable golf experiences in Melbourne!

You can bring your family or play and unwind with your friends. Regardless who you’re with, you’ll love your stay here. 


Visit Jackson’s Creek

For nature lovers, Jackson’s Creek is another fabulous place to visit. Take a walk under the sunny skies and deciduous trees. Enjoy the outdoors by starting your stroll at the Gisborne Botanic Gardens. As you go along, make sure to end your destination at Sankey Reserve. 

You can also bring the family for a picnic or lunch outdoors. There are a lot of picnic posts and barbecue areas where you can also dine with the locals and other tourists. 


Farm Gate Experience in Gisborne

Fresh food lovers, you will want to look for a house and land packages Gisborne once you visit the different farm gate experiences. If you love olives, olive oil, and vinaigrette, then you’ll enjoy Villa Pileggi Olive Oil. 

For those who love cherries, experience cherry-picking in December at the South Gisborne Cherry Farm. These fresh products are great ingredients for your next meal!

Another farm gate experience for both locals and tourists is located 20 minutes from the old forest. Visit the Azzurri Cheese Farm, where you can buy homemade cheese. They also make artisan and handcrafted cheese which are available on the farm from 10am-5pm. 


Visit the Gisborne Peak Winery

Once you have your cheese with you, then your next destination is the Gisborne Peak Winery. It’s open every day, and you can have lunch here and experience wine tasting. Book your next lunch here and get a free glass of wine!

It has one of the best views in Gisborne, which is perfect with your favourite summer drinks. Spend your holiday or weekend here as they also have on-site cottages for you to get the full vineyard experience with friends or family!


Kangaroo Tour

This is a favourite of both locals and tourists. The Kangaroo Tours are close to the Gisborne Golf Club which is accessible. You can bring the kids here while you enjoy golding. Experience the wildlife and amazing views now!

Are you ready to leave the city behind this weekend and experience the past, wine, and even summer and winter all in one location? Book a room or tour in Gisborne now and experience a cozy, safe, and relaxing weekend.